Our technology

SolarSteam technology uses lightweight curved mirrors inside a transparent enclosure to concentrate the sun’s energy onto a receiver. The sunlight is used to heat fluids to produce steam or hot water that can be utilized for industrial, agricultural and space heating and cooling applications.

Our technology

The system uses lightweight curved (trough) mirrors inside a transparent enclosed structure to concentrate the sun’s thermal energy onto a receiver. The concentrated sunlight is used to directly heat fluids to produce steam or hot water that can be utilized for industrial purposes.

Extreme climates

Our transparent enclosure has been designed for extreme climates to shrug off precipitation and wind. By protecting the solar collectors from harsh weather we can increase efficiency and reduce capital cost by allowing for lightweight materials that don’t require robust foundations and expensive controls.

Optimum Transmissivity

The enclosure has been optimized to provide structural support with thin profiles to minimize shading and maximize light transmission through a tough but remarkably clear membrane. 

modular design

Our system is designed with modularity in mind to allow for ease in shipping, construction, commissioning, scalability, and maintenance while keeping costs low and allowing for phase-gate deployment to demonstrate a step change approach to technology improvements, system integration, and GHG benefits.

automated controls

Automated single axis solar tracking and remote monitoring and control allows building operations to easily integrate in a centralized control room alongside the existing building management system (BMS).


Our engineering methodology focuses on Design for Manufacturing, Shipping, and Assembly (DfMSA) principles whereby individual components and subsystems are designed to be considerate of the processes and steps involved in shipping and assembly of the product at the manufacturing and fabrication stage.



We at SolarSteam strive to assist our collaborators achieve their ESG targets. Our technology can help reduce GHG emissions by up to 50% compared to fossil fuel-powered heat generation, create high-quality jobs, and improve financial performance by as much as 40% through data-driven reporting.

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