SolarSteam’s technology is specifically designed to operate in extreme climates. Our system uses an array of lightweight solar curved (trough) mirrors inside a transparent enclosed structure to concentrate the sun’s thermal energy onto a receiver. The concentrated sunlight is used to directly heat pressurized water to produce steam or hot water that can be utilized for industrial purposes. SolarSteam’s system can accept boiler feed water and generate steam at temperatures up to 550°C and 110 bar. 

SolarSteam’s generators will operate in conjunction with existing boilers and use boiler feed water to provide direct hot water and steam generation at temperatures up to 550ºC. The value proposition and financial benefits to customers stem from decreasing fuel consumption and carbon tax costs by displacing the amounts of carbon dioxide (CO₂) produced in natural gas consumption for heat generation.

SolarSteam systems provide the ability to integrate transformative low carbon technology and digital technology to build a unique solution. This will improve performance, reduce cost and support energy transition while contributing to cost competitiveness, advances sustainability and environmental stewardship. It promotes social diversity and equality, especially in a post-COVID-19 economy.

Hybrid Integration

SolarSteam’s concentrated solar generators have been adapted to work alongside the customer’s existing boilers providing supplementary renewable heat. Such plug-and-play hybrid integration will allow for a constant thermal energy supply while improving performance and saving on operational costs by reducing fuel consumption and environmental impacts.

Extreme Climates

A transparent membrane enclosure increases efficiency by protecting the solar field from harsh weather conditions and uses innovative construction designs to keep the structures and mirrors clean, which has been a major issue for concentrated solar technology in the past. Keeping the collectors sheltered reduces capital cost by allowing for lightweight materials that don’t require rigid foundations and expensive controls.  

Optimum Transmissivity

Our enclosure is custom designed to allow for optimum light transmissivity enabling maximum sun absorption and concentration while keeping our collectors protected from the elements.  

Modular Design

Our system is designed with modularity in mind to allow for simple shipping, commissioning, scalability, and maintenance while keeping costs low and construction cycles down. 


Integrated Technology

Our integrated technology represents a transformational cleantech solution that is data-driven, sustainable, net-zero focused, integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning and aligns with global parameters for evidence-based validation of ESG focus areas.

Automated Controls

Our systems will be designed with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) in mind. Automated controls and remote operations will allow for centralized control rooms, and a modular design will enable quick and safe maintenance without affecting overall system performance.

Life cycle impact assessment

A robust Life Cycle Impact Assessment will be used at every stage from engineering, procurement, manufacturing and construction to commissioning, operations and maintenance. Our systems will use 100% sustainable materials to enable a circular economy.

Environment, Social and Governance

SolarSteam enables the emerging energy transition by achieving environmental goals that reduce GHG emissions by up to 50% compared to fossil fuel-powered heat generation. Integrating the solution creates Social value by creating high-quality jobs. Best of all, SolarSteam deployment support Governance goals such as improving financial performance by as much as 40%, data-driven reporting and alignment with global performance standards.