National Renewable Energy Laboratory Day of Acceleration

So humbled to be part of this amazing group of Canadian companies participating in National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Day of Acceleration! Thank you for the great post Ryan Tucker and kudos toStephen DavisJ.A. Colantonio andMark Gorham for organizing the event and your ongoing support! #renewableenergy

Ryan Tucker has been quoted saying, “Thanks to the researchers at National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the insight at today’s NREL Day of Acceleration. It was a privilege to present G2V Optics Inc. technology to the leaders in our field alongside Daanaa Resolution Inc.Fibos Inc.ioAirFlow,SolarSteam Inc.

We’ve been really excited about our participation in the NREL/Canada Accelerator along with these exceptional Canadian #cleantechnology companies. Thanks to Trade Commissioner Service | Service des délégués commerciaux and Innosphere Ventures for driving #cleantech forward.”

cc: J.A. ColantonioMark GorhamStephen DavisMatt Schaubroeck,Nicholas Burgwin, P.EngApostol Radev,Udi DaonMike Taschuk,Danielle HunnisettKathryn Burkell

#solarpv #windenergy #smartgrid #greenbuildings #solarthermal #canadiantech

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