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about SolarSteam

Brief Overview

SolarSteam Inc. is a Calgary-based renewable technology company with a vision of developing the lowest cost renewable heat. We represent a transformational cleantech solution that is data-driven, sustainable, net-zero focused, integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning and aligns with global parameters for evidence-based validation of Environment Social Governance (ESG) focus areas.


SolarSteam was founded by Apostol Radev and David Babich on November 1st,  2017, in Calgary in the province of Alberta, Canada. The idea that sparked SolarSteam was a result of Apostol’s graduate project at the University of Calgary and David’s 40 years of power engineer experience and international travels visiting concentrated solar plants. This transformative integration of concentrated solar technology will lower cost and carbon dioxide produced by natural gas consumption for thermal energy generation with a specific design for extreme climates. 

One Sentence Summary

SolarSteam’s novel concentrated solar heat system is designed for harsh climates and heat-intensive industry markets looking to improve performance and be more carbon and cost competitive.    

Description of Technology

SolarSteam’s system uses solar collectors to concentrate sunlight in order to generate hot water and steam. A transparent membrane enclosure increases efficiency by keeping the collectors clean and reduces capital cost by allowing for lightweight materials that don’t require rigid foundations and expensive controls. SolarSteam’s generators will operate in conjunction with existing boilers and use boiler feed water to provide direct hot water and steam generation. SolarSteam systems reduce costs up to 40% by displacing fossil fuels and GHGs by up to 50% compared to conventional powered heat generation.

SolarSteam Quotes

"Entrepreneurship is the overlapping space between courage and stupidity."

Apostol Radev, CEO & coFounder

"I am still learning new things, and I am excited to be part of educating tomorrow's power engineer as the world makes the transition from conventional energy sources to renewable heat."

David Babich, CTO & coFounder

Brand Assets

Image Assets

SolarSteam's Concentrated Solar Heat System Image 1
SolarSteam's Concentrated Solar Heat System Image 2
Apostol Radev- CEO & Cofounder
David Babich-CTO & Cofounder
Shams 1 CSP plant in Abu Dhabi


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