Our Proposal

Integrate our new, lightweight solar thermal roof over the existing Platform Innovation Centre to connect and provide renewable energy into the District Energy Centre and surrounding buildings including the Calgary Central Library and City Hall.

Incorporate an open, social space beneath our solar covering design for the upper level of the Platform Innovation Centre, establishing a public show-and-tell demonstration of our technology.

Allow filtered light down into the atrium of the existing facility

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from conventional heating methods by up to 40%, promoting cleaner air quality for *our* city.

The Big Idea

The “Big Idea” is to create a solar thermal roof over the new Platform Innovation Centre parkade and enable Calgary to advance its Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) mandate.

Our Technology

What is novel about SolarSteam’s technology is its transformative design for extreme climates. It uses a transparent membrane structure with enclosures that have curved mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto a receiver tube containing pressurized water. This design therefore produces heat generation for district heating & cooling as well as industrial process heat applications.

Green Building Transformation

In our design, our solar thermal collectors are surrounded by a protective, durable, and lightweight exterior membrane (ETFE) and tracks the sun’s diurnal motion. The roof structure is made of timber or steel for sturdiness and support, protecting the solar mirrors from the external environment. The structural loads are placed on the existing interior concrete columns and the two concrete cores, but are flexible to alterations where necessary. The upper floor is made of locally sourced timber to increase the aesthetics of the parkade.

Project Location

Located in the heart of Calgary’s historical East Village, the Platform Innovation Centre is an architecturally beautiful structure, with the potential for state-of-the-art SolarSteam system installations.
With ample southern exposure, the aim is to showcase an eye-catching architectural work while inspiring Calgarians with SolarSteam’s innovative technology and its vision of a net-zero future.

District heating


As the district heating facility is located directly to the East of the Platform Innovation Centre, integrating SolarsSteam’s technology on the Platform Innovation Centre rooftop would be an ideal location for effective and sustainable heat supply.

The shape of the new solar roof will complement the existing buildings and provide ample space suitable for a large SolarSteam installation.

The heat created will supply future uses of the Platform Innovation Centre and will complement the district heating system in the East Village. Minimal piping would be used to transfer heat from rooftop to ground level to minimise heat loss, ultimately connecting the south side of the Platform with the east side of the District Energy Facility.

District heating


As the ENMAX district heating facility is directly to the East of the Platform Innovation Centre, this would be an ideal location of the proposed system.

The shape of the new solar roof will compliment the existing building and will accommodate a large SolarSteam installation.

The heat created will supply the future uses of the new Platform building and will compliment the district heating system in the East Village. The piping to transfer the heat from the rooftop to the ground level is minimal and will run on the south side of the building and then run east towards the ENMAX facility.

System Performance

Location Orientation Yearly Energy Generated (GJ) Yearly Energy Generated (MWh) Natural Gas Saved per Year (GJ) CO2 Offset per Year (Tonnes)

Energy Generated per Month (GJ)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
esg focused


SolarSteam is part of the emerging energy transition in Alberta by achieving Environmental goals that reduce GHGs by 50% compared to fossil fuel powered heat generation.

It is of note that the heat produced by SolarSteam’s system can also be used to heat the existing building, including any new office or residential uses. Using green technologies in assisting future uses helps to tell the story that this building is truly future proof!

While harvesting solar energy is often thought of as only practical in equatorial latitudes, Calgary offers incredible promise for this technology by being the sunniest city in Canada. In addition, the Platform Innovation Centre offers an unprecedented opportunity with an elevated roof, unobstructed southern view and proximity to the District Energy Centre.

SolarSteam’s proposed system is projected to produce more than 2 TJ of energy per year with a peak thermal output of 500 kW. This will provide 177 tonnes of CO2 offset otherwise produced by natural gas per year.


Integrating SolarSteam’s solution creates Social value by creating high-quality jobs and by establishing Calgary as a global leader in sustainable technology and entrepreneurship.

The upper floor would now be sheltered with a beautiful structure. This upper level is intended to be used as programmable space for events.

Additionally, we could partially enclose this level with folding glazed partitions which would increase revenue, making it useable all year round. Guests will enjoy views to the atrium, SolarSteam’s system, the Central Library and city skyline.


Our fully integrated renewable heat technology represents Calgary’s vision to become a world leader and a global technology development hub in emerging clean technology. Our system will be a showpiece of Calgary’s entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and sustainability not to mention our architectural and engineering expertise. This will be a new architectural landmark to add to Calgary’s beautiful skyline.

The wood soffit ties nicely into the Central Library Design and adds warmth to the existing building.

SolarSteam’s deployment supports the City of Calgary Governance goals such as improving financial performance by as much as 40%, data driven reporting (assisted by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) which is in alignment with global performance standards.